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Ahoy, Mike here.

This blog will shortly contain music reviews and news when I can get it.  Rather exciting for me, perhaps for you.  I’d like to think I’m qualified to write a music blog as my tastes are quite diversified, and I’m well educated.  I listen to a lot of things: jazz, rock, classical, folk, blues, some “avant-garde” stuff, who knows.  I’m interested in anything that contains at least a little thought or talent, or just about anything that might or might not be worth listening to.  However vague this is, my music taste can be rather exclusive at times, you won’t find anything about 50Cent or Mariah Carey or any other hit factory type act here.

My current artists over whom I’m quite excited are Radiohead, Incubus, Johnny Cash, The Flaming Lips, Carole King, Miles Davis, etc.

 It should be noted that I hate this post.  It is poorly written and quickly thrown together.  I intend it to be a brief placeholder for an actual mission statement and a general description of my intent for this blog.